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Texas Contemporary Art Fair Build Out Time Lapse

art fair time lapse video services1023media has had a long standing relationship with Cadillac Corporation working on small documentaries, web promotional videos for all types of events, and even filming a six part documentary on Ring of Honor inductee Drew Pearson (The Journey can be seen here.)  One of our loves is Cadillacs push to infuse itself into the art world, sponsoring tons of art fairs and fashion displays.  This week, we captured a 4 day time lapse of the build out of the Texas Contemporary Art Fair in Houston, TX.  The video includes interviews with collectors, managers, and artists who are involved with the fair, and a time lapse sequence of the setup.  You can see the time lapse sequence below!

Using Video for SEO Purposes

Since web presence is crucial for today’s businesses and freelancers, working to increase visibility through SEO (search engine optimization) has become a common strategy to draw in customers and stand out above competitors. Here in Austin, where competition is fierce for high web placement, more businesses are looking to production companies to film videos for their products and services to place on their website. Companies are also using video to profile their business for potential customers and clients on their website. Companies that are striving to improve their page rankings may not always consider the profound benefits of adding video, which draws in web traffic while simultaneously advertising a product or service. Once the video is filmed, it’s a great outlet to use on social networking sites and sites like Vimeo and YouTube. Video can expand a company’s reach infinitely. In the YouTube age, a snappy video filmed in crisp HD quality has the potential to attract thousands of viewers, and if that video includes a link to your site, that translates into thousands of unique page views.