Video Production Services Austin

Video Production: Budgeting & Cost

Video Production Services AustinUsually when we get a call about producing a marketing video for corporate clients, the first question is “How much will an X minute video cost”? Our answer is almost always, “Well…that depends…”

As with most anything in this world, video production cost is determined by a litany of factors. Where / what will we be filming, what kind of lighting, what kind of audio, how big of a crew, will we need to rent extra gear, what is the end product, what type of shots does the client want (obviously, an aerial shot is going to cost more than 2 cameras on tripods), what’s the estimated time it will take us to complete it, how quickly does the client need the video turned around, etc. All those factors (and many others) are going to encompass the cost of producing videos. There’s no doubt, a quality, professionally done video is usually not an ultra cheap task. Sure, you can go on Craigslist and find someone to do a video very cheap, but guess what your end product will look like…

Most people do not realize the amount of time, effort, energy, and thousands of dollars worth of equipment that go into making good, high quality, videos. Our clients typically only see the day(s) of filming their videos. A good example is if the client would like a 3 minute marketing video, its going to take anywhere from 3-5 full days (in addition to the filming days) to make that 3 minute video in post-production. If you do 2 days of shooting and 4 days of post, that’s 6 full days of work for a 3 minute video. That’s a normal gig for us. It’s a tedious task piecing it all together, but when that video begins to take shape, it makes all those long days worth it.

That’s not to say video production costs have to be unreasonable. We will do everything in our power to produce the best video we can for the least amount of money possible. Our philosophy is that if we are transparent with our costs to the client and they see we are working hard to do quality work for reasonable money, they will come back to us over and over when they need a video produced.

Other companies might just throw high numbers out right at first with no intention of retaining the customer for the future. For my company, a lot of business is repeat and I strongly believe in the Lifetime Customer Value way of thinking when it comes to pricing. To sum up, there are a lot of questions that will need to be asked by both client and production company before a final budget is determined. My advice to people seeking video production services is to have as much info on your project as possible when you start soliciting quotes. Information is key and will make the initial process a lot easier.

ONE Dallas Rollout // Cadillac Presents The Journey

TeamEscaladeTexas 2012 kicked off in Dallas with a huge rollout event where celebrities and team leaders drove 19 brand new Cadillac Escalades off the production line and caravanned with a police escort across Dallas to the Dallas Fair Grounds where they presented a very unique press conference. The 6 charities also filmed their P.S.A’s that would be voted on and be the centerpiece to the competition.

To see the rest of “The Journey” please click here!

TWO Taste of Austin // Cadillac Presents The Journey

The second stop to the Team Escalade Texas Campaign was in beautiful Austin, TX at the new shopping mall, The Domain. They were hosting “The Taste of Austin” and Cadillac was there in full force to promote the 6 charities and spread awareness. Drew Pearson was on hand to announce the entertainment, sign autographs and take pictures with fans!

THREE Houston Rollout // Cadillac Presents The Journey

Our third stop in the Team Escalade Texas Campaign landed us in Houston, TX at the Channel 11 KHOU studio where Drew Pearson was a special guest on Good Morning Houston! After the appearance, everyone loaded up in 12 brand new 2012 Escalades for a ROLLOUT Houston style!

FOUR Ft. Worth Music Festival // Cadillac Presents The Journey

And the campaign continues! The crew packed up and headed for Ft. Worth where Cadillac was the main sponsor for the Ft. Worth Music Festival. Team leaders Rocket Ismail and Carly Patterson joined Drew Pearson at the event to talk about their charities and spread awareness about Drew also introduced the main stage act for Friday night! Next stop, the crew heads to the Bayou City Art Festival in Houston, TX.

FIVE Bayou Arts Festival Houston, TX // Cadillac Presents The Journey

After an amazing experience in Ft. Worth, we packed our gear and hit the road back to Houston for the Bayou Arts Festival in downtown. We saw an amazing array of art including paintings, sculptures, dances, and The String Theory! Team Escalade was out in full force with four different team leader celebrities spreading the word for their charities.

SIX PGA Tournament San Antonio, TX // Cadillac Presents The Journey

Our last stop on The Journey before the end of the competition was out at a Senior PGA golf event in San Antonio on the north side at the JW Marriott Resort. Team Escalade set up a large tent where fans could meet Dallas Cowboys legend Drew Pearson to get an autograph and a picture taken as well as a digital hub where they could go online and sign up for Team Escalade Texas. Many of the new models for 2012 were a huge hit and on display for fans to experience.