FIVE Bayou Arts Festival Houston, TX // Cadillac Presents The Journey

After an amazing experience in Ft. Worth, we packed our gear and hit the road back to Houston for the Bayou Arts Festival in downtown. We saw an amazing array of art including paintings, sculptures, dances, and The String Theory! Team Escalade was out in full force with four different team leader celebrities spreading the word for their charities.

SIX PGA Tournament San Antonio, TX // Cadillac Presents The Journey

Our last stop on The Journey before the end of the competition was out at a Senior PGA golf event in San Antonio on the north side at the JW Marriott Resort. Team Escalade set up a large tent where fans could meet Dallas Cowboys legend Drew Pearson to get an autograph and a picture taken as well as a digital hub where they could go online and sign up for Team Escalade Texas. Many of the new models for 2012 were a huge hit and on display for fans to experience.

Dallas Art Fair 2011, Cadillac- Tom D’angelo

This is one of a few short interviews we created with Cadillac at the Dallas Art Fair 2011 interviewing a few key people involved in the fair about the impact of the fair on Dallas, the kind of people that it draws to it and how to grow from there. We’ve worked with Cadillac on a few occasions now and we love it. In this video Tom D’angelo talks about the dovetailing between the art at the fair and the art of the design in the new Cadillac CTS-V Coupe and the Cadillac Escalade.