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Benefits of Using Green Screen in Video

As an Austin, Texas production company, we always work to use the most effective and innovative techniques to make a video look great. One of these techniques at our disposal is the use of the “Green Screen.” The use of a green screen allows us to digitally place any background behind a subject. The background can be replaced with a digitally designed background, recorded scenery, or anywhere you can think of. Imagine being able to place a person on-location in a completely different environment, such as the Bahamas (Digitally of course). The green screen is a great option for music video production, white space, web banner video, and anything else you can think of.  This effect is achieved by filming a subject in front of a green-screen, and using professional editing software to “key” out, or remove the green from the image.  This leaves only the subject in the video with a transparent background, in which another  video or image can be placed.

The green screen is used in many industries, from photographers, to special effects in movies.  We feature a green-screen in our studio with professional lighting, and a real green-screen, not just a green curtain to provide a clean and crisp keyed video. Our production studio also allows space for a jib for the camera, and we can bring in an optional crane for cable system shooting.  Our studio space is available for rental, or let us produce your project.

Fiery Blue Music Video “Slow Down”

Off the new CD “Our Secrets,” here is “Slow Down” by Fiery Blue.
Simone Stevens, Vocals
Gabe Rhodes, Producer/Musician
Paul Marsteller, Songwriter

Filmed on location at La Casa de Joy in Spicewood, TX

MW Cleaners Personal Valet

1023media produced “MW Cleaners Personal Valet”, a short web video highlighting the services and offerings of MW Cleaners. MW Cleaners is the premiere dry cleaning service in the Houston area with pickup and delivery, as well as mobile interfaced and web services. Look for MW Cleaners in your area as they are expanding all over Texas.

Using Video for SEO Purposes

Since web presence is crucial for today’s businesses and freelancers, working to increase visibility through SEO (search engine optimization) has become a common strategy to draw in customers and stand out above competitors. Here in Austin, where competition is fierce for high web placement, more businesses are looking to production companies to film videos for their products and services to place on their website. Companies are also using video to profile their business for potential customers and clients on their website. Companies that are striving to improve their page rankings may not always consider the profound benefits of adding video, which draws in web traffic while simultaneously advertising a product or service. Once the video is filmed, it’s a great outlet to use on social networking sites and sites like Vimeo and YouTube. Video can expand a company’s reach infinitely. In the YouTube age, a snappy video filmed in crisp HD quality has the potential to attract thousands of viewers, and if that video includes a link to your site, that translates into thousands of unique page views.

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Rodriguez Film “Machete” Coming To Austin

I’d like to take the time to tell you about an exciting new action movie coming out of our little city. For those of you who saw Grindhouse (2007) you remember those hilarious fake trailers during the film. Remember this one?


That’s our Capital building!

He knows the score.
He gets the women.

Robert Rodriguez expanded the trailer into a feature length film, and has been shooting it in and around the Austin area since August of 2009. Machete stars Danny Trejo in his first lead role as the title character.
Many big stars are returning from long disappearances for minor roles inthe film, such as Jessica Alba, Lindsey Lohan, Steven Seagal, Cheech Marin, and of course, Robert DeNiro, who plays the corrupt senator Machete tries to assassinate. I remember DeNiro’s political rally scene shooting in front of the Austin Capitol last summer.

Most people don’t realize Austin’s importance in the film industry. Down here we call it the “Third Coast” (after NY and LA). There are a variety of locations like nearby bodies of water, Texas hill country to the west, and grassy plains to the east, as well as an abundance of post production and production houses all around Austin. I’m glad to see a film like this with 20th Century Fox’s worldwide distribution produced completely in Austin.

MACHETE releases this coming Labor Day weekend, September 3, 2010. Be sure to check it out.

Keep an eye on this blog next week, for my “Persian’s review of Prince of Persia.” I realize it’s kind of late, but I had decided long ago that I would never see it. Though, being a Persian myself it comes up in conversation way too often for me not to have solid reasons why I think it’s terrible.

Coen Brothers Remake “True Grit” in Austin

austin production company 1023mediaJust saw an article on about the Coen brothers filming the remake of the John Wayne movie “True Grit” in downtown Austin.  Apparently the film is just wrapping up and has an allstar cast with Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, and Jeff Bridges. Most of the filming has been completed in the Granger area, but apparently the movie has some scenes located in Memphis, so the crew decided downtown Austin at the Austin Club and parts of the Capital would be good locations for those setups.  On top of that, the Coen Brother’s have changed the ending of the 1969 film slightly, according to Bob Hudgins of the Texas Film Commission.  The film is another example of how attractive Austin is to the film industry as the Coen Brothers choose their locations by want, not by the budget.