Austin Pets Alive! Paddle for Puppies Promo

From time to time we get contacted to produce highlight videos for charity events. One of the events we have been involved for a while now is Paddle for Puppies which benefits animals in the Austin area that are in shelters. The goal is to keep these little guys alive by being adopted and put in no-kill shelters. By doing this video for them we are hoping to raise awareness about the situation and hopefully bring in many more particiapnts and sponsors for the event in the years to come. If you know of anyone that might be interested in helping out, please forward this video to them and have them contact Austin Pets Alive to see how they can help.

1023media’s 201 Demo Reel

This reel contains a handful of samples of the work 1023media LLC produced in 2012. We wish we could share all of our commercial work but some is not yet released to the public or we just didn’t want to make the reel too long (its already pretty long) For the wedding sample, just 5 weddings out of 40+ 2012 weddings are shown. For more information or to see more projects please email us at 1023media{at} or contact us through our website at

Pedal For Puppies Promo

Pedal For Puppies is a bike ride around Austin to help raise money for Austin Pets Alive! a not-for-profit organization promoting a no-kill city in Austin. Austin Subaru, owned by Continental Automotive Group, has a strong relationship with local organizations and continually gives back to the wonderful city it is located in, Austin, TX.

EMF 2011 Leadership Video

Emergency Medicine Foundation once again had 1023 come up to there HQ in Dallas to film a series of videos for their on going not-for-profit work in the medical field. This is the first of a few different videos we will be producing for EMF. Enjoy!