Dallas Art Fair 2011, Cadillac- Tom D’angelo

This is one of a few short interviews we created with Cadillac at the Dallas Art Fair 2011 interviewing a few key people involved in the fair about the impact of the fair on Dallas, the kind of people that it draws to it and how to grow from there. We’ve worked with Cadillac on a few occasions now and we love it. In this video Tom D’angelo talks about the dovetailing between the art at the fair and the art of the design in the new Cadillac CTS-V Coupe and the Cadillac Escalade.

Bang Whitetail Ranch Promo

Bang Whitetail Ranch is located near Fredericksburg TX and offers world class, MONSTER whitetail deer hunts. See the video 1023 produced highlighting their one-of-a-kind ranch. 1023media also provides Bang Whitetail Ranch with HD films for their clients. These films are much like a hunting show you see on TV, where we follow the hunter, interview them about their experience, and produce a DVD / BluRay for them to keep so they can experience their hunt all over again.

EMF 2011 Leadership Video

Emergency Medicine Foundation once again had 1023 come up to there HQ in Dallas to film a series of videos for their on going not-for-profit work in the medical field. This is the first of a few different videos we will be producing for EMF. Enjoy!

MW Cleaners Personal Valet

1023media produced “MW Cleaners Personal Valet”, a short web video highlighting the services and offerings of MW Cleaners. MW Cleaners is the premiere dry cleaning service in the Houston area with pickup and delivery, as well as mobile interfaced and web services. Look for MW Cleaners in your area as they are expanding all over Texas.

El Dorado Royale and Casitas, Cancun Mexico

Another adventure into the heart of tourism in Mexico! The El Dorado Royale in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico is fantastic. The food… Wow the food was amazing, and with a different restaurant for every meal, all gourmet all the time, how can you go wrong.

Valentin Imperial Maya

Information about the Valentin Imperial Maya

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