El Dorado Royale and Casitas, Cancun Mexico

Another adventure into the heart of tourism in Mexico! The El Dorado Royale in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico is fantastic. The food… Wow the food was amazing, and with a different restaurant for every meal, all gourmet all the time, how can you go wrong.

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Rodriguez Film “Machete” Coming To Austin

I’d like to take the time to tell you about an exciting new action movie coming out of our little city. For those of you who saw Grindhouse (2007) you remember those hilarious fake trailers during the film. Remember this one?


That’s our Capital building!

He knows the score.
He gets the women.

Robert Rodriguez expanded the trailer into a feature length film, and has been shooting it in and around the Austin area since August of 2009. Machete stars Danny Trejo in his first lead role as the title character.
Many big stars are returning from long disappearances for minor roles inthe film, such as Jessica Alba, Lindsey Lohan, Steven Seagal, Cheech Marin, and of course, Robert DeNiro, who plays the corrupt senator Machete tries to assassinate. I remember DeNiro’s political rally scene shooting in front of the Austin Capitol last summer.

Most people don’t realize Austin’s importance in the film industry. Down here we call it the “Third Coast” (after NY and LA). There are a variety of locations like nearby bodies of water, Texas hill country to the west, and grassy plains to the east, as well as an abundance of post production and production houses all around Austin. I’m glad to see a film like this with 20th Century Fox’s worldwide distribution produced completely in Austin.

MACHETE releases this coming Labor Day weekend, September 3, 2010. Be sure to check it out.

Keep an eye on this blog next week, for my “Persian’s review of Prince of Persia.” I realize it’s kind of late, but I had decided long ago that I would never see it. Though, being a Persian myself it comes up in conversation way too often for me not to have solid reasons why I think it’s terrible.

Coen Brothers Remake “True Grit” in Austin

austin production company 1023mediaJust saw an article on http://austin360.com about the Coen brothers filming the remake of the John Wayne movie “True Grit” in downtown Austin.  Apparently the film is just wrapping up and has an allstar cast with Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, and Jeff Bridges. Most of the filming has been completed in the Granger area, but apparently the movie has some scenes located in Memphis, so the crew decided downtown Austin at the Austin Club and parts of the Capital would be good locations for those setups.  On top of that, the Coen Brother’s have changed the ending of the 1969 film slightly, according to Bob Hudgins of the Texas Film Commission.  The film is another example of how attractive Austin is to the film industry as the Coen Brothers choose their locations by want, not by the budget.

Valentin Imperial Maya

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