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{Video} Bang Whitetail Ranch Promo Video – Texas Deer Hunting

We have had a great relationship with Bang Whitetail Ranch out of the Fredericksburg area for several years now. Having produced a promo video for them in 2010, it was time to update that this promo after they had a beautiful new lodge built. We have also filmed several hunting show format hunts for them for several of their hunters. Its truly a wonderful place with some of the biggest deer in the world.

Bang Whitetail Ranch Promo

Bang Whitetail Ranch is located near Fredericksburg TX and offers world class, MONSTER whitetail deer hunts. See the video 1023 produced highlighting their one-of-a-kind ranch. 1023media also provides Bang Whitetail Ranch with HD films for their clients. These films are much like a hunting show you see on TV, where we follow the hunter, interview them about their experience, and produce a DVD / BluRay for them to keep so they can experience their hunt all over again.