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Video Production: Budgeting & Cost

Video Production Services AustinUsually when we get a call about producing a marketing video for corporate clients, the first question is “How much will an X minute video cost”? Our answer is almost always, “Well…that depends…”

As with most anything in this world, video production cost is determined by a litany of factors. Where / what will we be filming, what kind of lighting, what kind of audio, how big of a crew, will we need to rent extra gear, what is the end product, what type of shots does the client want (obviously, an aerial shot is going to cost more than 2 cameras on tripods), what’s the estimated time it will take us to complete it, how quickly does the client need the video turned around, etc. All those factors (and many others) are going to encompass the cost of producing videos. There’s no doubt, a quality, professionally done video is usually not an ultra cheap task. Sure, you can go on Craigslist and find someone to do a video very cheap, but guess what your end product will look like…

Most people do not realize the amount of time, effort, energy, and thousands of dollars worth of equipment that go into making good, high quality, videos. Our clients typically only see the day(s) of filming their videos. A good example is if the client would like a 3 minute marketing video, its going to take anywhere from 3-5 full days (in addition to the filming days) to make that 3 minute video in post-production. If you do 2 days of shooting and 4 days of post, that’s 6 full days of work for a 3 minute video. That’s a normal gig for us. It’s a tedious task piecing it all together, but when that video begins to take shape, it makes all those long days worth it.

That’s not to say video production costs have to be unreasonable. We will do everything in our power to produce the best video we can for the least amount of money possible. Our philosophy is that if we are transparent with our costs to the client and they see we are working hard to do quality work for reasonable money, they will come back to us over and over when they need a video produced.

Other companies might just throw high numbers out right at first with no intention of retaining the customer for the future. For my company, a lot of business is repeat and I strongly believe in the Lifetime Customer Value way of thinking when it comes to pricing. To sum up, there are a lot of questions that will need to be asked by both client and production company before a final budget is determined. My advice to people seeking video production services is to have as much info on your project as possible when you start soliciting quotes. Information is key and will make the initial process a lot easier.

Corporate Video production services in Austin, TX

Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video production services in Austin, TXProduct and service videos for companies and corporations are an important part of our video business. Companies are always looking for ways to display and advertise their services and products. Video has always been the #1 way to bring  a companies product into public view. Whether it be a commercial for TV or just a video to share on a corporate website and social media, video is the most effective ways to get your message across.

Recently I was reading an article on Kickstarter and one of their supporting statistics was that projects with videos showcased on their website have a 50% success rate compared to  30% for projects without video.  That’s a telling statistic. A whopping 20% more projects were successful that had videos explaining the idea or product. That shows that people want to be informed, and from the research we have done for our own business, they want to be informed quickly and completely. The videos we produce for companies are straight-forward. We get to the point in a clear and concise manner with a clear call-to-action. We get to that point in a way that keeps the consumer engaged and interested. Our goal is to make someone that is watching a 5 minute video we produced feel like they have been watching that video for two minutes. The old saying is that “time flies when you are having fun” and watching a video is no different. If a five minute video feels like it has gone by quickly, that means the customer was engaged and interested, and after all isn’t that the point?

1023media now accepting application for video production interns in Ausitn

Internship Applications Being Accepted

1023media now accepting application for video production interns in Ausitn1023media is looking to fill two intern positions. Internships will qualify for college credit if needed.  We have had interns from the University of Texas, Texas State University, Austin Community College, and Concordia but can give credit with any university.  If you are looking (or know someone looking) for a foot in the door to the production industry and are willing to work hard and learn, this is the position for you. Each intern will gain valuable knowledge in the world of video production and running a small business. Internship duties will include assisting on shoots (both commercial and wedding) as well as assisting with post-production. Intern duties will also include general office work.Weekend availability (typically 2 saturdays per month) is required. Familiarity with camera equipment (we mainly shoot with Canon DSLRs) and FCP 7 is preferred but not required. Paid work will be available to each intern should they successfully complete the internship and are deemed qualified for full or part time work for 1023.  Every employee  that currently works for 1023 was an intern first, so unique opportunities are available to qualified individuals.

To apply for an internship, please email resume and/or link to reel with an introduction to with the subject line “INTERN APPLICATION”. No phone calls please.

The History of Boundless Network [Silent Film]

Boundless Network is an extremely fun, Austin based, multi-million dollar promotional products company.  We started working with them a little behind the scenes a couple of years ago on some webinars and screen capture sessions for their internal video library. Since then, they have caught the video bug and they like video for everything they do!  Here is a very quickly produced (2 days) silent film 1023 produced for Boundless. The concept was dreamed up by two owners of the company, and as you can see, they like to think outside the box.

austin video green screen studio

Benefits of Using Green Screen in Video

As an Austin, Texas production company, we always work to use the most effective and innovative techniques to make a video look great. One of these techniques at our disposal is the use of the “Green Screen.” The use of a green screen allows us to digitally place any background behind a subject. The background can be replaced with a digitally designed background, recorded scenery, or anywhere you can think of. Imagine being able to place a person on-location in a completely different environment, such as the Bahamas (Digitally of course). The green screen is a great option for music video production, white space, web banner video, and anything else you can think of.  This effect is achieved by filming a subject in front of a green-screen, and using professional editing software to “key” out, or remove the green from the image.  This leaves only the subject in the video with a transparent background, in which another  video or image can be placed.

The green screen is used in many industries, from photographers, to special effects in movies.  We feature a green-screen in our studio with professional lighting, and a real green-screen, not just a green curtain to provide a clean and crisp keyed video. Our production studio also allows space for a jib for the camera, and we can bring in an optional crane for cable system shooting.  Our studio space is available for rental, or let us produce your project.

Why Video?

As the internet continues to grow and evolve, it’s more important than ever to find ways to captivate the attention of your visitors.  The rise of digital media has created a content-rich web environment where companies must focus their efforts on keeping up with the fast-paced changes the web has demonstrated. Video is an underutilized tool that has the power to be used to support a strong brand presence and have the capability to deliver a stronger message than text and images alone.

Captivate your audience

High quality video content on your site helps you convey your message to your specific audience.  It has been shown that users decide whether to stay or move onto another site within the first ten-seconds of entering your page. A creative video piece has the ability to be the centerpiece of a page further pulling your visitors in to your content and hold their attention long enough to highlight your messages.

Information depth

When writing content for a website, care must be taken to ensure that information is concise and short enough that visitors will read. When your message needs a more detailed delivery, video will help in conveying greater depth and engagement, where text alone may struggle.


When a company invests time and resources into having video with high production value produced, credibility with visitors increases and differentiates your services and products from competition.

Clarity and higher conversion rates

If your visitors have a better understanding of your message, and what your business offers, they are more likely to act on your message.  When your visitors know exactly what you offer, and what you want them to do, your conversion rates will increase for more inquiries, sales, etc.

How We Help Non-Profit Organizations

Nonprofit is simply defined as not established for the purpose of making a profit. Just because a nonprofit organization isn’t established for the purpose of making a profit, doesn’t mean it can’t. Usually nonprofit organizations exist because the organizations don’t have a source of income. Let’s face it everything costs you money today whether it be services, products, or time. The only way to get investors in your organization is to advertise and the easiest and cheapest way to advertise is with the world wide web. With the internet we now have the ability to advertise ourselves with social networking. Before you get an investor they will want to know what they are investing in and the most captivating way to inform is with a video because the viewer will use three senses to gain information rather than one by reading a description. It is important to have a descriptive video explaining who, what, when, where, why and how so your investor can make an educated decision. Once you have a video you can upload it to all the social networking sites you organization has a profile on and share it with the world with just a few clicks. Surely this isn’t the only way to advertise and describe your organization, but it is definitely the best and with proper advertising your nonprofit organization can become a profitable organization. Below is an example of a video for a nonprofit organization that 1023 Media has created for the Emergency Medicine Foundation.

Using Video for SEO Purposes

Since web presence is crucial for today’s businesses and freelancers, working to increase visibility through SEO (search engine optimization) has become a common strategy to draw in customers and stand out above competitors. Here in Austin, where competition is fierce for high web placement, more businesses are looking to production companies to film videos for their products and services to place on their website. Companies are also using video to profile their business for potential customers and clients on their website. Companies that are striving to improve their page rankings may not always consider the profound benefits of adding video, which draws in web traffic while simultaneously advertising a product or service. Once the video is filmed, it’s a great outlet to use on social networking sites and sites like Vimeo and YouTube. Video can expand a company’s reach infinitely. In the YouTube age, a snappy video filmed in crisp HD quality has the potential to attract thousands of viewers, and if that video includes a link to your site, that translates into thousands of unique page views.