Fiery Blue Music Video “Turn”

Fiery Blue wanted something artistic, using mostly natural light. This music video was filmed in 1 day around Spicewood, TX just outside of Austin, TX on Lake Travis. This is the 1023 directors cut of the video and is not the final version.

Fiery Blue Music Video “Slow Down”

Off the new CD “Our Secrets,” here is “Slow Down” by Fiery Blue.
Simone Stevens, Vocals
Gabe Rhodes, Producer/Musician
Paul Marsteller, Songwriter

Filmed on location at La Casa de Joy in Spicewood, TX

Fiery Blue Music Video “Wheels Up”

We filmed this music video outside Austin, TX at Willie Nelsons Spicewood, TX music recording studio as well as Georgetown Airport and American Airlines ūüôā Between the airplane shots and the shots from inside the studio, this one was truly fun to both shoot and edit. Working with Fiery Blue on several of their music videos has been such a great experience. They are wonderful artists and people who have vision but also allow us at 1023films to have some artistic freedom in pulling the film together. This is a director’s cut and not the final version.