The History of Boundless Network [Silent Film]

Boundless Network is an extremely fun, Austin based, multi-million dollar promotional products company.  We started working with them a little behind the scenes a couple of years ago on some webinars and screen capture sessions for their internal video library. Since then, they have caught the video bug and they like video for everything they do!  Here is a very quickly produced (2 days) silent film 1023 produced for Boundless. The concept was dreamed up by two owners of the company, and as you can see, they like to think outside the box.

Boundless Network Webinar

Boundless Network in Austin, TX is a promotional products partnership company based in Austin, TX. Boundless most recently was named the industry’s best place to work and the #2 fastest growing private company in Austin. They came to 1023media for their promotional product video needs. We produced a high-end webinar where they introduced some of their new products, as well as highlighting their big “Founders Week” where they fly in the best of the best in their company and treat them to a bunch of fun activities as well as training sessions!

As a bonus, here is the opening video we produced that was shown at the beginning of their conference!